Kitchen comfort mat COOC
Why you need a COOC?
As people spend many hours moving around or standing on hard floors, their bodies tend to get stress from fatigue in legs, articulations, and back. Besides,
while cooking, washing, and engaging in other activities requiring long standing, the tiredness accumulating in your leg muscles causes a reduction in the flow
of oxygen in blood vessels and hindrance to lymph circulation, thus resulting in the risks of edema and pain.
COOC cushions are ergonomically designed to distribute the load of your weight appropriately, reducing the burden in their ankles, knees, backs and necks.
You can experience excellent quality, style, and comfort COOC offers at any places where you spend time standing.
COOC's Video
COOC products are free of heavy metals and toxins harmful to the human body; and, our at once antimicrobial and eco-friendly techniques effectively inhibit the proliferation of bacteria in the products.
Based on this environment-friendly technologies and knowhow that we have accumulated over 30 years, we have developed the layer of shock-absorbing foam, allowing you to enjoy the comfort while relieving you of your fatigue.
COOC products will provide you with best comfort and protect your health wherever you stand.
The layers of shock-absorbing foam found only in our COOC products have ergonomically been developed for your comfortable surroundings.
These special foam layers will flexibly accommodate changes according to the shapes of your feet and the center of your weight, creating safety zones between hard floors and your feet.
These soft and elastic safety zones will distribute your weight and any shocks uniformly across the body to reduce the stress your body will be exposed to.
COOC's sensuous and aesthetic surface design and colors will add stylishness and beauty to your house.
The refined patterns of luxurious artificial leather do not so much pose an obstacle to the interior design of your house as they actually bring its style and elegance to life anywhere it is applied.
The surface has an antimicrobial waterproof coating, which resists stains and mold and permits easy cleaning.
Numerous fine air particles trapped in the product effectively distribute your weight evenly, thus relieving your feet, joints, and back of stress effectively.
A special coating on its surface gives the product resistance quality to moisture and water and allows for easy cleaning.
The design of anti-slip embossing patterns on the back of the mat ensures close and secure contact of it with the floor.
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